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In case you couldn’t tell. He goes from being viewed as nothing but the demon itself to a full-fledged ninja once he saves his sensei Iruka from the evil Mizuki. He gradually matures from his Idiot Hero demeanor over the course of the series, and by the time Shippuden rolls in, he’s older and wiser, not to mention stronger than ever. Another result of saving Konoha from Pain’s attack finally turned the villager’s hatred into admiration and respect at long last. Naruto also does the impossible and finally befriends the tailed beast sealed within himself, as well as the other tailed beasts, undergoing a massive power-up. Along with Sasuke and aid from the spirit of the Sage of the Six Paths, Naruto finally succeeds in redeeming Obito, stopping Madara and putting an end to Kaguya’s ambitions. He then performs another miracle and finally redeems Sasuke by the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

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Hokage To Be Chapter 1: Growing Up Uzumaki Naruto, demon container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, jumped into the clearing with a large scroll tied to his back. Naruto walked towards the cabin that Mizuki-sensei had told him about and set the scroll on the ground beside it. He took this moment to catch his breath and reflect on the events of the day so far. Today had been the final examination and graduation at the Ninja Academy. And despite Naruto’s class standing as the dead-last, he took this test deadly seriously.

He studied long and hard on all of the subjects in the class and practiced all the ninja techniques dubiously. In fact, the only part of the exam he was nervous about was the Bunshin no Jutsu.

Naruto/Hinata or Naruto/Sakura?

Shape of our souls a Naruto Shippuden fanfiction Ten, shape of a vector “Oh, my body still hurts. You can’t really sleep on the ground without the right gear. It looks like we’ll be able to reach the village before the day ends! He then tied a scroll to each of their collars, and I had a hunch that they contained intel on the most recent happenings. Naruto seemed to take an interest in what he was doing too, so he enquiered about it.

It is more probable that Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki will not hook up.

He is rescued by The Raikage and Killer Bee and decides to go with them. My first fan fic so any criticism is welcome. Read the final chapter for more details. Ino made sure the table was behind Naruto so that he hopefully would not notice Hinata staring at him. I’ve seen a few more walking around the village today. Are they all here for the chunin exams? Why else would there be so many ninja from so many different villages in one place? I can finally get back my icha icha books!?

I already don’t like this guy! I’ve had them since I was eight and my parents still don’t know about them. They were all rain village genin, wearing wet suits and breathing apparatuses. The jinchuriki that lord pain wants us to observe.

Naruto Shippuden – Season 1

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Even the clothes on the line got painted! There, standing on top of cluster of drainpipes straddling the gap, the culprit responsible for the aforementioned crime stood over the crowd far below with his arms proudly folded, a bucket at his feet and a wide grin on his face. Dressed in an orange jacket with short blue sleeves with an orange arrow on each sleeve, orange cargo shorts and a pair of ski goggles slapped over his head, the blonde haired menace known throughout the village cast his ominous shadow across the street from the sun now hitting his back, lighting him up like a superhero under spotlight.

The blonde’s grin flashed into view once all eyes landed on him. Remember that name well… because I’m going to be Hokage some day! It was him again! The villagers could do nothing except attempt to give chase, point fingers and throw curses at him as he vacated the premises with fleeter feet than a cat running from a garden hose. Within seconds he was out of sight, leaving behind a trail of atrocities and fuming shop keepers.

Yagura Karatachi

At that point in the story, most readers were firmly in the anti-sasuke camp, which is only reasonable as this was him at his most asinine. He got hit with the twist that his brother died FOR Konoha, and his response is to enact a fucking genocide against his former home because they didn’t honor the memory of his brother that, like he until 5 minutes ago, didn’t even know about. This nonsensical reaction is further complicated by the fact that the other Kage’s are actually pretty cool and not really doing anything wrong since Raikage just wants his little brother to be safe.

And here comes Sasuke, trying to kill him. The reason that everyone Naruto knows has come to the conclusion that Sasuke must die is because anyone with any objectivity sees that Sasuke is now nothing more than a frothing mad dog whose motives don’t even make sense anymore. And besides that, Naruto’s “I love everyone no matter what they do” shit has never gotten older or faster than that moment.

Every few weeks, Sasuke would return, the two would hook up, and he would be gone without any word the next day. One day, while one a girl’s date with Ino and Hinata, Sakura decided to confide in her two close friends about what was happening.

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Will Naruto choose Hinata over Sakura?

After Neji ‘s battle with Naruto , Genma tells him that even a caged bird can eventually free themselves. As the invasion is launched, he enquires whether or not Orochimaru was leading the assault as he faces off against Baki. His fight is, however, interrupted when the invasion is called off. When Tsunade returns to the village, Genma and Aoba are assigned to announce her inauguration as the Fifth Hokage.

He inquires about what they were carrying since they were coming from the direction of Konoha.

Nov 15,  · Although it is inevitable that they will (hook up), they should not, in my opinion, end up together. this is because the character Hinata was in love with naruto long before he started getting popular and : Resolved.

Fourth Water Shadow of Kirigakure. Yagura is chiefly remembered for a bloody, despotic reign that contributed to Kirigakure being well known as the “Bloody Mist”. Contents [ show ] Background As a child, Yagura took part in the village’s barbaric ritual where Academy students would be forced to kill each other in order to graduate. Yagura being confronted by Akatsuki. Around this time, a masked man who claimed to be ” Madara Uchiha ” took control of Yagura, effectively gaining control over the village.

After Kisame Hoshigaki killed Fuguki Suikazan for leaking intel to other villages, Yagura commended Kisame for killing the traitor, before “Madara” revealed that he was manipulating the Mizukage. In the anime, when two members of Akatsuki infiltrated the Land of Water, Yagura joined the hunter-nin to apprehend them.

Before he could continue his efforts, Itachi Uchiha was able to immobilise Yagura with Amaterasu , allowing the Uchiha to escape. He does, however, have an exuberant and defensive side as seen by his exasperated outburst at Naruto Uzumaki for thinking he was weaker and younger than him, who had died before experiencing the world as well as ignoring what he was saying. Yagura is also proud of his accomplishment as a Mizukage, claiming to be distinguished in his life.

During his reign as Mizukage, Yagura was known to have absolutely no tolerance for traitors. He had short, messy, grey hair, which fell over the right side of his face and spiked up on the left.

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