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By Rich Cline Excellent Continuing to be the most original and resonant of the Marvel superhero franchises, the X-men return in the capable hands of director Bryan Singer, who again stirs plenty of meaty subtext beneath the thrilling action. He also has one of the best casts imaginable, including Oscar winners, cinema royalty, rising stars and matinee idols. Best of all, Wolverine Hugh Jackman returns to the fold after two less-than-thrilling solo adventures. His mission is to prevent Dr Trask Peter Dinklage from inventing mutant-hunting robots, because they will go out of control and cause a present-day dystopia in which mutants and anyone who sympathises with them are killed. Thankfully, Simon Kinberg’s script doesn’t worry too much about the whole time-travel thing, shrugging off dubious logic by keeping the focus on the characters. And there are a lot of people to keep an eye on, which makes the film sometimes feel a bit crowded and leaves some characters barely on-screen at all blink and you’ll miss Anna Paquin’s Rogue.

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Share via Email Nicholas Hoult: Their young co-star has certainly got their quintessentially British art of saying “um” and looking embarrassed down to a T. Studiously dressed down in mud-coloured hoodie, jeans and “don’t look at me” trainers, the year-old is still strikingly handsome, with his Vulcan eyebrows , alpine cheekbones and the sort of blue eyes you’d have thought possible only with extensive Photoshopping. Yet he’s clearly anything but at home — either in his skin, or in the luxury of his Soho hotel suite.

Since then, the well-spoken young man from Wokingham has barely been off our screens.

Marcus from the series ‘About a Boy,’ is the one who is addicted to Netflix’s Stranger Things, Nicholas Hoult. He is often featured in tabloids for his affairs and personal issues.

Talk All this week, Indiewire will be rolling out our annual Summer Preview, including offerings that span genres, a close examination of various trends and special attention to all the new movies you need to get through a jam-packed summer movie-going season. Need we really say more? Reuniting once again with frequent artistic collaborator Luca Guadagnino, Swinton swings for the fences in one of her most internal performances to date.

Tye Sheridan and Ciaran Hinds co-star. Luckily, A24 stepped up to release what is surely one of the best indies of the summer. Set in a future where society highly values relationships, the film stars Colin Farrell as an architect who checks into a hotel after his wife leaves him. The supporting cast including Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Fry is unformly solid, but the other standout is the uproariously funny Tom Bennett, who delivers a masterclass in comedic timing.

The director recorded his entire experience and kept himself hidden as the director in order to stay clear of potential interference from the cult. Through interviews with ex-members, he offers up a look into the extreme ideals of this society and exposes the cracks that begin to unfold as trust is turned into paranoia and dark truths are revealed about their enlightened leader.

Slow-motion car crash, inverse roller coaster, derailed train engine. After debuting at Locarno last year, the comedy has made the rounds on the circuit, and winning its very talented maker, director and co-writer Athina Rachel Tsangari, scads of fans in the process. The film follows a group of friends on a fishing trip that soon turns into an off-kilter competition for a teensy gold ring the Chevalier!

Pint-sized but packing an unexpected wallop. What happens next turns farts into jet ski fuel and male genitalia into a compass.

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Sandra Perez Feb 1, 1 y m02d01 Promotional trailer Zombies, walkers, the undead, whatever you want to call them, are all the rage these days. Nicholas Hoult plays R, a zombie trying to figure out his new life as a corpse. Julie and her group are trying to find a cure and she is rescued by R during a zombie raid. The two accidentally discover the cure to be love. But convincing everyone else is the tough part.

Warm Bodies is such a great movie.

Kristen Stewart may not have stayed single for long after talk of a New York City hook up with Nicholas Hoult. Stewart and Hoult were in the city on January 5 for the National Board of Review Gala.

Since they reportedly started dating last October, she has been making low key visits to Joe’s home city while she has been renting a house in North London to stay close to her beau. Elsewhere, it was claimed last month that Taylor and Joe’s relationship was getting so serious that the US popstar is house hunting in his home city of London Britain-bound: Since they reportedly started dating last October, she has been making low key visits to Joe’s home city while she has been renting a house in North London to stay close to her beau A source has revealed: Some of the places have been a stone’s throw away from where Pippa Middleton lives.

A representative for Taylor was contacted by MailOnline for comment at the time. It’s not the first time she has bought a house to be close to a boyfriend. Taylor and Joe have been dating for several months after they met at a Kings of Leon concert in October , but details of their romance only started coming out in May.

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He has been portrayed by Brandon Tyler from October 21, to December 24, , then by Jay Kenneth Johnson from December 27, to December 25, and Kyle Brandt from May 14, to October 12, , Johnson again portrayed Philip having returned to the role from January 12, to April 20, He is quickly replaced by Jay Kenneth Johnson, who is in the role until leaving the show in December Philip returns in May but is played by Kyle Brandt.

After Brandt left the show in October , Johnson returned to the role in January then left on April 20, Later, he lost part of his left leg and has since worn a prosthetic.

Nicholas Caradoc Hoult (born 7 December ) is an English actor. His body of work includes supporting work in big-budget mainstream productions and starring roles in independent projects in both the American and the English film s: Roger Hoult.

An Anglophile is someone who is obsessed with British culture. First of all, the UK has a nasty history sup, imperialism? Secondly, while there are plenty of things that the UK does better than, say, the US sup, free healthcare? Yes, British television shows are brilliant, especially in recent years. My Mad Fat Diary This show should be mandatory viewing for everyone, especially teen girls and young women. Set in , My Mad Fat Diary tells the story of an overweight year-old girl named Rae who just ended a three month stay at a mental hospital.

She tries to acclimate herself back into real life despite dealing with her crumbling friendship, controlling mother, and bouts of depression and self-harm. Along with a killer soundtrack, My Mad Fat Diary is a comedy-drama with so much heart and deserves a lot more love than it received. Set in the not so distant future, Black Mirror is a dystopian sci-fi show that provides social commentary on technology and how we use it to interact with each other. Watch it on Netflix before the new season airs!

Skins Skins was probably the most formative show of my life. I started watching it via crappy YouTube uploads when I was years-old, and I stuck with it through every season for its six year tenure. Think of it as Degrassi but with a lot more grit, thanks to the cursing, sex scenes, etc.

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Sebastian de Souza 5 – 6 Matty is introduced in the first episode, encountering a distraught Franky in an industrial estate and describing her as “beautiful”. The first few episodes portray him as mysterious as he only makes a few brief appearances; his first significant role is in Liv’s episode, where he is revealed to be Nick’s brother. He and Liv begin a relationship but he cannot ignore his attraction to Franky.

He moves back into the family home, despite his judgemental father. Eventually it seems that Liv cannot handle his feelings for Franky and they decide to end their relationship on friendly terms the final episode. He is involved in Grace’s death in series 6, causing his absence for the majority of the season and lots of troubles in his relationship with Franky and Nick.

Watch video · Nicholas Hoult Before Martin, before Aronofsky, there was Hoult. While filming X-Men: First Class in , Kentucky-born Lawrence began a romance with her British costar.

I really enjoyed playing other people and hiding myself. And Matthew Macfadyen [who was also in The Pillars of the Earth] put my name forward for my third TV job, to play a younger version of him. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know because obviously I have no talent. I knew that was what I wanted to explore further. It was a role he was determined to win.

That was the birth of the actor I am today. I want to be a man.

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Share 40 shares The actress exuded elegance in the traditional dress which was cinched at the waist with a caramel coloured sash to show off her figure. Perfecting her s look, the model pinned her brunette tresses into a bun which showed off her positively glowing complexion as she went make-up free. In touching scenes, the English actor proved himself to be a charming gentleman as he draped a grey coat over Lily’s shoulders The Surrey born beauty was a natural choice for the role of Tolkien’s wife after starring in vintage flicks including Rules Don’t Apply.

Hot on Lily’s heels, Nicholas transformed into her on-screen husband and lover Tolkien when he styled a smart grey three-piece suit including tails. In touching scenes, the English actor proved himself to be a charming gentleman as he draped a grey coat over her shoulders.

Nicholas Caradoc Hoult (born 7 December ) is an English actor. His body of work includes supporting work in big-budget mainstream productions and starring roles in independent projects in both the American and the English film industries.

Susan Nicole Downey Levin is an American film producer. Her mother is Rosanne T. Besides this, she has not disclosed much about her childhood and early life. Susan has been involved in more than 15 Hollywood movies directly and indirectly. She always wanted to pursue her career in the Entertainment business. She said that she had the poster of all the Academy Award-winning best pictures in her room when she was little. She rapidly climbed the steps of the Hollywood Industry, carving a successful career as a producer for various world renowned movies.

She told in one of her interviews that she was very focused, driven, rigid and work-oriented and she never thought about getting married. Rumors and Controversy Susan has seldom been involved in any controversies during her career. Rumors started to surface around October of that their company had split from Warner Bros. The validity of this very news is not quite certain.

Rumors of the breakup of Susan with her husband Robert has also been found widely over the internet but none of these rumors have been true.

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